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Basic benefits are as follow.
• Permission to make a request for quotation of a large order.
• Can order and view your order history.
• Record of the historical delivery.
• Permission to update data though website or smart phone.
• Right to make amendment to personal data and delivery details.
• Right to make a record of favorite items to re-view later.
• Right to make a record of favorite sellers/stores to re-view later.
• Privilege of information notification for members’ convenience.
• Privilege of news and promotion reception via a registered email.
• Privilege of access to in-depth data of food businesses.
• Privilege of access to in-depth data of food processing factories.
• Privilege of access to in-depth data of central agricultural market.
General buyer.
Food business.
Processing factories.
One stop service
Fully itemed with various kind of products. Consumers can entirely make a choice in one order.

Easy to order
One simple system with 4 simple steps that can be proceeded in both computer and smart phone.

Fast delivery
Fast delivery from professional logistics management your order will be delivery in the right time.

Save more money
As direct access to origin, farmers and Seller, the product is fresh and price is fair.

High reliability
As a legal registered company, you can firmly trust our secured operation and safe transaction.

Support all devices
Support all screen of smart phone on Android / IOS. ( Application available soon)